Range Residue Recycling


Shearing Connex Box

Process and recycle the larger size military target debris with the Genesis Shear. Two sizes XP300 and XP660R.


Shredder Setup

Process and recycle ordnance debris to a point where it is unrecognizable as military munitions. Large and small shredders are available for processing onsite. Watch a video of our 72" X 72" shredder demilitarizing ammunition cans.


Crushing Operations

A rotary impact crusher is used to demilitarize and recycle military practice ordnance such as MK76/BDU33's. The crusher disfigures the item so it no longer resembles military munitions and can be safely recycled.


Sorting Belt Operations

30' conveyor belt, vibrating hopper, tip bins, corral and crossbelt magnet used for sorting and segregating material.

Roll Off Service

Rolloff Truck

Various sized rolloff containers ranging from 10 cyds to 40 cyds. Containers are available as open-top or secured lid and sealable.  Our company has an outstanding relationship with recycling foundry's across the US.


Torching Armored Tanks

We have personnel specializing in the demilitarization of heavy steel using cutting torches. Typical targets include military armored vehicles processed into 3' x 4' sections for recycling purposes.