Range Maintenance

Target Revitalization

Connex Placement

Removal or repairs to existing range targets. Cosumable connex targets or military target vehicle placement.

Target Preparation and Placement

Aircraft Target Transportation

Includes demilitarization, removal of all POL's, hazardous materials and all specular hazards for transportation and placement onto an active range.

Soil Screening

Ezscreen Sifting Operations

Vibrating screens and classifiers for screening through soils. Projects include lead reclamation on shooting ranges, removal of munitions debris from burial pits.  

Target Removal

Loading Armored Targets into Rock Truckl

We can remove unserviceable targets ranging from connex containers to heavy armored battle tanks.

Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricant Removal

RCRA Waste Transportation

Removal and disposal of hazardous and regulated materials to include petroleum (including gasoline), oil,

and lubricants (POLs); batteries; and fuel.

Road Maintenance


Our company has experience on numerous ranges performing maintenance on existing roads. Access paths to targets, and repairing damage caused by erosion.